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Sep 2014 | News

Höllinger Organic Juices with Vegan Label!

All our organic fruit juices in the 1 L Tetra Pack are now vegan certified and carry the V-label of the Vegan Society! We are introducing the vegan certification for our products in response to the increasing demand for juices driven by the growing number of consumers opting for the vegan philosophy of life!

The V-Label is an internationally acknowledged seal of approval which is granted by the Austrian Vegan Society. All products that carry the V-label, are made without any animal-based ingredients and V-label thus guarantees a 100% vegetable product along the entire value chain.

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01 Eva Mandl c Himmelhoch
Jun 2021 | Presse

Himmelhoch in charge of communication for Höllinger – the juice expert

*Innovative and high-quality organic fruit juices meet the multi-award-winning PR agency - Gerhard Höllinger, founder and managing director of IMS Höllinger GmbH,...
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5 Bio Shots in Kombi c IMS Hoellinger GmbH
Jun 2021 | Presse

Höllinger gives retail shelves an energy boost

*Gerhard Höllinger and his team set out to find a sustainable solution for the popular shots that are perfect for the start...
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3 Der perfekte Durstloescher beim Radsport c IMS Hoellinger GmbH
Apr 2021 | Press

Be ready for the sports season with Höllinger: The only natural organic sports drink with magnesium

*Gerhard Höllinger is not only the founder and managing director of the company Höllinger, he is also an enthusiastic cyclist. He knows...
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