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Sep 2014 | News

Höllinger Organic Juices with Vegan Label!

All our organic fruit juices in the 1 L Tetra Pack are now vegan certified and carry the V-label of the Vegan Society! We are introducing the vegan certification for our products in response to the increasing demand for juices driven by the growing number of consumers opting for the vegan philosophy of life!

The V-Label is an internationally acknowledged seal of approval which is granted by the Austrian Vegan Society. All products that carry the V-label, are made without any animal-based ingredients and V-label thus guarantees a 100% vegetable product along the entire value chain.

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nr. 1
Oct 2021 | Press

Local is the New Organic

*Fruit juice expert Höllinger is known and beloved for its Styrian Apple Juice. The beverage brand with its Managing Director Gerhard Höllinger...
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Bio shot oymel adaptiert
Sep 2021 | Press

Höllinger launches first ready-to-drink organic Oxymel

*About 2500 years ago it was used as an effective home remedy, in the recent months foodies around the world have rediscovered...
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Bio Schulsaefte Range
Sep 2021 | Presse

Just in Time for School: 600 kilometers of single-use plastic saved

*The beverage expert Höllinger from Lower Austria sells around 5 million school juice packs every year. Just before school starts, the company...
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